How To Fix Raspbian "No Space Left" Issue

Expand Raspbian Filesystem

January 26, 2017 - 3 minutes read -

I would like to run some ruby programs on my little Raspberry Pi, so first of all, I need to install Ruby into my Raspberry Pi. However…

I use rbenv to manage ruby versions. As you know Raspberry Pi is not powerful enough, so it need more time to build and install ruby. The first time, after I waited for a while and I got an error that said “No Space Left On The Device”. Impossible, my microSD is 16GB, 😶 but the df -h shows something here: df-h

After Google, I got the solution from raspberry forum, now I reposted it here:

  • Run command: sudo raspi-config
  • You will see the following scree and select the Expand Filesystem option expand raspberry filesystem expand raspberry filesystem
  • Run command: df -h, you will see that the size of /dev/root is increased df-h

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